Sunday, July 26, 2009

Encouragement Box

This little box is my encouragement box. Its an idea I learned from my coach Jamie. I picked up this beautiful box at a shop called Tuesday Morning but any box will do. It sits on my desk now and inside are encouraging notes from fellow bloggers or wonderful comments I have received that make me happy, that remind me of my own brilliance.

The idea is to read these on the days that you are feeling far from wonderful and these will bring you back to that creative whole person that you are. I think its a wonderful idea.

I did this journal page yesterday. One of the things I have learned through coaching is that intuitively I tend to follow where the energy is. I do so many things that sometimes it is hard to make a decision of what to choose on a given day. Since this was pointed out to me I am seeing it in all aspects of my life.

This is an example of what I mean. Yesterday I am thinking should I work at cleaning this area of my basement or should I go into town to look for storage containers, or do the laundry, or should I just make some art. I stopped myself and said OK where is the energy, or what am I drawn to the strongest. I really wanted the basement area cleaned so that is what I ended up doing. When I needed a break then I made the art journal page and the ideas flowed so easily.

I think that when I follow the energy, there is no resistance and I am more productive. I never thought much about resistance before but now I realize that when you get rid of resistance there is no limit on what you can accomplish.

Are you letting resistance hold you back?


  1. Hi Kate !
    Love the idea of a box o' encouragement ! I have presents from my blog friends, from myself and from family and friends up all around my desk to help me remember my worth. Any tools that help us remember that are so good for days when we forget ! ;)

    Working on letting of of resistance to things...or the need to control the outcome of life challenges for sure ! Here's to going with that energy flow !
    Cheers !

  2. You are so lovely. What a good person you are.

    Love Renee xoxo

  3. That's some good thinking - follow the energy. I'll try that :)


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