Monday, July 13, 2009

Wreck this Journal week 6

No video this week since I can not find my flip camcorder or my point and shoot canon which has a little movie camera on it. I found it hard to take picture of the WTJ pages since the cook is kind of warped now.

As Jamie mentioned slowing down I too experienced that. When I was gone for a week I really lost my momentum. First I took the book in the shower and it got quite wet so the cover is coming off.

Next I added more stamps to that page'

This is a page where I had friends draw on.

I took a walk in the field and picked up all these things. Some plants I found interesting, some trash and a firecracker and this little bone that I thought was so cute.

Here is my page of bad drawings.

This is the page where you do pencil rubbings. I used some rubber stamps. The top one is text and the bottom is a stamp that looks like marble.

As we get towards the end I find it is harder to find those easy pages to do the ones I don't have to think about or prepare something for. So its time to get creative with it.

So how has the wrecking affected other things, well I have started de cluttering my house again. I have gone through 3 kitchen drawers and am moving on to some closets next. The clearing out feels so good.


  1. Oh gosh, I hope there wasn't a real vole stuck in a hole! I love your random things from the field, and the mold on the swiss cheese ... but I am really worried about that vole :)

  2. go on, get that blue paint out and really bring out the colour of that mold - or better still find some of the real stuff and stick it on!

  3. super interesting pages!! you WRECK very well!!

  4. Great wrecking. Hope you have a great week.

  5. Same here. :) I foind it harder and harder. But that's good it pushes me forward. :) You have some gifted friends there. :) Nice wrecking!


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