Friday, July 17, 2009

Explorations along the way

I decided to keep going with these water color crayon faces and see what happens. Sometime when I try a new technique I do it once and then may not do it again for months. I think when you try again its like starting all over and you really don't remember where you were or how you did it. I felt my comfortable with this one. I still had bleeding problems. I think I am having too much water on the brush. With the next one I hope I get better with that because it really causes problems.

Now what does one do with a face painted on fabric. When I did this in acrylics I put the piece into a tote bag and I love that idea. I may do that with this current one. you could also make a book with this as one of the pages. DJ Pettit does that quite often. You might even make clothing out of it like the back of a jacket. Then you could wear your art around with you.

I did this journal page the other night. I started with scrapbook paper and then added some stamping to make it more unique. This picture just jumped out at me and seemed so right. I didn't add any words but I like it just as it is. Sometimes a page just falls together magically. I love how art can do that sometimes.

This is a work in progress. First I just put black gesso on the page. Then I found this image ans she looked so striking on the black background. She is from a calender by Patricia Wyatt I love her work, she depicts woman so beautifully. I haven't decided if I will journal all over the page or wait to see if something else needs to be on the page with her. I particularly like that a wolf is with her on the page. I have such affinity for them that I wanted one in this journal. When I look at it I see myself with my guardian spirit. Maybe I will just journal about that. I love how blogging sometimes answers the questions you are asking yourself.

What has your art or blogging itself told you lately?


  1. My art and my blogging told me that the sweet space in between is an okay place to fact it is THE place to be for me today.

    All that wander are not lost...perfect, and I love love this page...wouldn't you love to run througha doorway to some unknown place in a gown like that ?
    Maybe in my dreams for now...
    Happy Friday, Lovely Kate

  2. Your journal pages are beautiful! I especially like the one of the woman going through the doorway....and your watercolor face is great. I think I do that quite often....try something once and then forget about it. I should stick with it for a little longer.


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