Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I am an Artist

One of the exercises I did when working with my coach was to write down all the creative things I have done. After I did my list I was amazed at all the different things I have created and the variety among them.

It is all part of believing that you are an Artist and then being able to act like you are one too. I think it also helps you feel like you are an artist inside too. When I first started telling people I was an Artist I did not really feel it inside but after awhile I did. I think this whole artistic thing is one big journey. I think confidence comes one step at a time but you have to take that first step.

Here is the list I made

1. Sewed my own clothes.
2. Painted landscapes in Oil.
3. Learned to Spin yarn on a spindle and spinning wheel.
4. Became a accomplished dyer.
5. Learned to weave.
6. Learned how to make glass beads.
7. Took up stamping and card making.
8. Took a classes on colored pencil, drawing, watercolor
and acrylics.
9. Learned to knit and crochet, embroider.
10. Participated as a weaver in The Thread Project.
11. Participated in many Art swaps online.
12. Created silk bouquets for my wedding.
13. Made costumes for my daughter and I to wear to the Two
Towers Premiere.
14. Made 2 character costumes for Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King.
15. Made part of costume for Final Fantasy X.
16. Made beaded earrings and bracelets.
17. Made beaded medicine bags.
18. Made a booklet on bravery to give away.
19. Painted an Painting of a woman to give away.
20. Made my daughters dress when she was a flower girl.
21. Made a quilt for a friends graduation.
22. Wove a blanket for myself.
23. Wove a blanket for my daughter.
24. Wove two blankets for my husband.
25. Wove many dishtowels.
26. Wove several scarves.
27. Wove a blanket for a friend.
28. Spun millions of yards of yarn.
29. Created concept and then painted and organized an art studio.
30. Took a class on stenciling with spray paint.
31. Made Christmas stockings for 15 people.
32. Knit 20 pairs of socks.
33. Knit 10 sweaters.
34. Took weaving classes, spinning classes.
35. Taught spinning, weaving, beading, classes.
36. Taught art journaling classes.
37. Taught making ATC’s for kids.
38. Took a photography class.
39. Created an art journal.
40. Made journals from scratch.
41. Taught my sisters to spin yarns.
42. Performed in a play about the thread project.
43. Painted many female faces.
44. Participated in the Big Draw a 30 day drawing experiment.
45. Drew many drawings in my sketchbook.
46. Designed and wove fabric.
47. Did cross stitch embroidered pictures.
48. Made 2 cross stitched Christmas stockings.
49. Made many Christmas ornaments.
50. Made prayer flags for a swap.
51. Wove tartan samples for Canyon County Sheriffs dept. The Sheriff has kept one and the other is on file with the tartan society in Edinburgh Scotland.

I challenge anyone reading this to go ahead and make your own list and post it on your blog. I'd love to hear what your experience is after doing this. I'll bet you will feel more like the Artist you truly are.


  1. Claiming the title of "artist" and making it my own was a huge accomplishment in my world, Kate. It is such an integral part of who I am, kind of like saying "I am a woman", you know...Now when people ask me what I do, I say "I am an artist" with pride. Doing that though, brings the other questions with it, like "Oh, what kind of art do you do ?" or "Oh yes, where did you train ?" Now that I have the title "artist" I need to have the stuff to back it up, I guess ;) Your list is a perfect tool for that !

  2. What an impressive list! I don't think I'll ever be comfortable with the label 'artist'. I guess there are different ways of thinking about it... I might try the exercise and see if it changes my mind.

  3. great long list've probably done lots more than all of that! Yes. You are an artist. It is hard and uncomfortable saying it out loud....but I am an artist too.
    love ya


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