Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Creative Everyday - this week

My post for Creative Every Day is a hodgepodge this week. Lots of different creativity in different genre's are showcased. I have been in a little quiet Art period of late. I have started lots of journal pages but nothing seems to be finished. I have experienced the same with Wreck this Journal activities so I figure it is a cycle that I will snap out of soon.

This first group are some cereal boxes that I plan to make into ATC's. The spray paint worked great on that cardboard.

This page is in the paper bag journal. I am finding that the spray paint looks really different on the paper that paper bags are made of.

Here is another female face I drew why listening to a poetry reading.

This is the latest scarf off my loom. It is rayon chenille in black and variegated blues, woven to appear like a window check. I like the way it looks. I am now threading a simple cotton warp for another scarf. A couple years ago I was going to be part of a show so I wound all these warps. The show fell through and I never move the items. This summer I am hoping to weave up most of them. Then when I get that etsy shop open I will have something to sell.

Have a wonderfully creative day!


  1. I am a rookie at much of this and don't know what ATC stands for... please let me know. Love what you did with the cereal boxes. Ohmigawsh. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

    I am working on the Creative Every Day project, too - started with MY standbys of Poetry, Photography, Writing but you know how the itch starts to try new stuff... so I find everyone's work ultra inspiring!

  2. I really like the diversity in your creations, Kate. I think there is great value in being creative in many different areas. I too really love the cereal boxes--better than recycling! xo, O

  3. Love the cardboard cereal boxes. I've just started making ATCs too (artist trading cards Julie - don't worry I only found out what they meant a few months ago aka ACEOs)

  4. I'm liking the variety in your creativity as well!!

    We all go through cycles, so don't worry too much about that, just keep on creating, moving towards what delights you and it will all come flooding back!

  5. You have been creating nevertheless. :) I love your spray paint backgrounds. I'll have to give it a go some day, they look like fun. :)

  6. Kate you are so talented, everything looks great.

    I love the middle cereal box for the atc and your woman's face is amazing.

    Love Renee xoxo

  7. It is sometimes just about the journey and not the destination, right ? Looks like your journey is on a nice path ! Love the backgrounds !HAppy Wednesday !

  8. Your girl portrait is a nice drawing and I like your cereal boxes too.
    How right Kim is by "It is sometimes just about the journey and not the destination"


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