Monday, September 7, 2009

Another adventure

Yesterday we had another adventure. We decided to drive up to Kilgore about an hour and half from here. Thought we'd take the scenic way but despite what the sign said the drive was pretty boring.

We stopped at the Kilgore store. In a lot of small western towns it the store that is the mecca for activity. Its one of those general store kind of places with old tools on the walls, interesting items on the shelves and a place to get an ice cream. This one even had a pool table and a cast of characters that ran the place. I love going to places like this.

This is a sheepherders mobile cabin. We didn't see the shepherd but we did see a border collie. The sheep were off in the distance, too far for any pictures.

I didn't know the Nez Pearce had traveled through here until we saw this sign. I have been to the Big Hole battlefield in Montana where they lost their fight and it is a really sad place. I didn't feel that here at all, maybe because they were able to escape.

Then I looked up and saw these bronze statues of Indians on horseback. The area was fenced off so you could not get close to them. The looked pretty awesome on the horizon. I really like finding wonderful surprises when out for a Sunday drive.

After two days of activity I am spending the holiday home. I am warping my loom and then finishing cleaning the garage. Then some play in the studio. I hope you have are having a great day.

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