Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Artist Way

For the past 2.5 weeks I have been doing the Artist Way with a group of lovely women online. I have been going on great Artist dates and doing my morning pages faithfully. I missed one day this week when I was sick but I think that is ok.

Morning pages are 3 pages of longhand writing where you usually dump or just write whatever comes to you. I have done Morning pages several times before. This time seems different, sure some of it is blah like I need to do the laundry, run to the store etc but more of it seems to be insights on writing or ways to proceed. Its like my morning pages are telling what to do. Its pretty awesome.

I never made it through the twelve weeks the time I tried this on my own. I am thinking that doing it with a group we be more powerful. We are into week 3, and I spent my Artist date at the public library looking at Art books. I've been a little frustrated at drawing lately so I brought 4 drawing books home to delve into this week. I am also finding myself drawn back to my sketchbook. I am planning to spend some time drawing. The skills need some improvement and this seems the best way to me. Now to schedule some time to actually do it.


  1. Hi Kate. I am so jealous. I bought this book and got through week 1 but I decided to put it on hold for a while. I've just got so many other projects on the go. Maybe I should have joined a group, but I guess there will be another one another time! I have been on a fabulous artist date though - I'll share the photos online soon. Catch up with you soon on SuperNova part 2 and possibly the Joy Diet??

  2. This book has so much to offer to so many and in lots of different ways. I made it through most of the book quite a few years ago, and was awed by the changes that happened in my world when I made my creativity the focus. I love the idea of a group to give you support as you go along - what I would have loved, would have been Julia Cameron herself as a guide ! Imagine ?
    Keep up the great work ! I think the Artist Date's we always my favorite part ! I remember one where I wore my Groucho Marx glasses the whole way through the Mall with a straight face and observed people's reactions- priceless !
    Enjoy your long weekend !

  3. Hi! I've down TAW before too. Enjoying it alot this time too.I'm looking at your awesome journal pages as I write this...very cool.

  4. Hello Your Highness.
    How neat that the morning pages are so powerful for you. I also like the idea you had for your artist date, I may try that one myself.

  5. I love the AW and I did a group a few years back in real life.. I think it is much better with a group than by yourself too.
    so glad you have joined in!

  6. Congratulations, Your Majesty! Sounds like you're making great progress, and I love that your Artist Date was so determined and let's-get-down-to-it. Bravo!

    I am also enjoying doing the course with a group this time. The collective energy is so very inspiring. I am especially enjoying reading all of our individual, unique ways of doing the tasks and reports of our outings, and I often linger to check out all the fascinating, artistic blogs. Love your journal pages! I'm sure I'll be back.

  7. Wished I had started this. You are making great progress, looks like. Just sticking to it would be progress for me.

  8. I LOVE to draw and paint. These art supplies are SO addicting!


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