Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You never know how a day will go

Here I was innocently reading emails and so forth when a friend suggested that I create a fan page for the Queen on facebook. So I spent the next hour figuring out how to make one. There is a link on my sidebar for facebook and in case you want to be a fan. I added a little discussion board too so check that out if you like.

I am being domestic today. Processed peaches and I may do some jam later today.

I picked up a set of these yesterday. They have all those grey shades in brush pens. I haven't used brush pens very much so I am looking forward to trying these out. The new Art Journaling magazine I talked about previously has a nice section on using them in your journals. I like trying new things as you probably can tell.

Do you have any art supplies lying in wait to be tested. Maybe today is the day you drag them out and give them a try.

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  1. Oh, yes, I do! I'm constantly buying some art supply that I read about and then they sit there and I forget about them!

    I bought some of those very same pens recently for $2.99 a package! They had mis-marked them at the store and had to sell them to me at that price. I bought two packages....wish now I had bought more!


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