Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Artist Way week 6 Abundance

I spent most of week six at Teton National Park which is a place of abundant beauty. Its a place I call home where I really find I can rejuvenate myself.

I did my morning pages every day and had not one but two Artist dates.
I attended the little Indian Museum at Colter Bay. There was a Cherokee Artist there named DG House. Unfortunetly her website seems to be having a problem so I can't show you her wonderful art. Basically it is very bright colored animals. Ravens, Bears, elk etc. Her painting were lots of fun to see.

My next date was when we drove to Jackson for the day. Jackson is full of art galleries and I spent the afternoon just looking at all the wonderful art. What an uplift that was.

This past week I really was able to see an abundance in many different ways but mostly in the beauty of my surroundings in the art I saw and in the art I was able to create. My little corner of the world really is abundant.


  1. I think that being aware of what we do have and expressing our grateful-ness is a big part of finding abundance in our lives.. thanks for sharing the artist date with us! enjoy week 7 :)

  2. I still have to read Chapter 6. Great post and good for you with your continuing with Morning pages!

  3. Hi Kate: Too bad DG House's website doesn't work; I bet the colored animals are really something wonderful. I'm so glad you had a good time, but am glad you are back! You add "abundance" to my life ;-) KateAnn


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