Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kayaking and some insights

We went kayaking yesterday. We travel up to Market Lake often in the spring to look at birds and always thought kayaking there would be fun. The waterways are closed during the spring breeding season. Its an area that is a marsh with open waters and cattails and other vegetation. Sometimes you can come around an area an see waterfowl in their real natural state, it is pretty cool.

This was Dave's first time in a kayak this year and he was really enjoying it

We came across this muskrat, he was just swimming along eating some weeds. I eventually got too close and he went under water.

We saw many birds, mostly swallows which are hard to photograph. There were lots of ducks and we heard cranes several times before we actually saw them. They make this loud croaking sound and you find yourself saying 'what was that' till you realize its a sand hill crane making the sound. I was able to capture a pair in flight.

There was one time where the going was very rough and we were thick into weeds and you'd put your paddle in and you couldn't move more than an inch at a time. It was very hard on your arms. Dave kept saying don't put your paddle in so deep and its easier. So I would try that and wasn't making any progress. I kept reverting back to the way I usually paddle, which made it worse. He said he's go a head and made a trail of sorts but of course that didn't help me. I just wanted to sit there and not move. He was going in a straight line and off to the left I saw a section of more open water so I went that way and went around a section of cattails and met him that way. Then it was open water the rest of the way and a more pleasant time.

When I was doing my morning pages this morning I thought being stuck in those weeds is like being stuck artistically. No matter how much you try you are still stuck and feeling like you are going nowhere. You try the same thing over and over with no new results not realizing that what you need is to asses the situation and do something different. That is what I did out in the kayak and what I need to do in the studio. The Universe is so interesting sometimes. It can send you messages that you need to hear in the most surprising ways. Is there a message you have been missing?


  1. What a beautiful setting for your kayaking. I loved the shot of the cranes - so cool that you captured them in flight together.

    Know what you mean about the messages from the Universe coming from just about anywhere. Your insights about your own process were pretty rich !
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend !

  2. Kate the universe keeps knocking me on the head.



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