Monday, September 14, 2009

Artist Way - No Reading

The Artist Way task for this week has been No reading... I have found this to be nearly impossible for me. Sure I have given up recreational reading which has been hard. Not to read emails or blogs or magazines is a hard one. I will admit to reading email, its the way I communicate so there were things I could not ignore. There are a couple blogs I have looked at but not anywhere near what I usually read.

I got a copy of this and do you know how hard it is not to read it. I looked at the pictures the first day and then last night I gave in and started reading it, and yes it is wonderful.

This no reading thing is supposed to force you to play but for me it has just gotten me depressed. In the five days so far I don't see any big difference. The other thing I am finding is many of the things she asks you to do I have already done. So I tend to just overlook those tasks at the end of the chapter. So maybe I have already done the work of the Artist Way on my own. Or perhaps my resistance is all part of it.

I find all the childhood things hard to do since I have blocked most of that period in my life. I don't remember being artistic as a child at all but of course I must have been. I did do the letter from my 80 yr old self to my current self and found it to be really enlightening. I ended up giving myself some great advice. So it looks like the Artists Way does have something to teach me.


  1. No reading for a week - that's worse than giving up chocolate!
    I guess we have to work our own way through these self-help guides. It's not going to work exactly as written all the time. It sounds like you are taking a sensible approach and getting the most from it. You are already very creative, so perhaps this is more enhancement rather than a revolution!

  2. I know that part is difficult Kate........glad you are doing the artist's's awesome. Isn't it phenomenal what your 8 year old self has to say to you? This is such powerful stuff.

    Love Violette

  3. you know, I cannot for the life of me remember myself as a child.. the letter from my 80yr old self was very enlightening! I have also done many of the tasks, I think some people do that kind of thing all their lives.. I for one, have.. kinda like soul searching :) and I am Queen of that!!
    and reading? Oh I lasted a day.
    thanks tons for sharing your post xo

  4. I guess that's why she has so many exercises, so we can find one that resonates and would be helpful and new.

    I too have done alot of these tasks before ... sometimes something new does come up tho.

    Getting that magazine during a no-reading week is just unfair! Torture! No one could resist ;)

  5. I had problems remembering details of my childhood too...not really sure why. I did remember a few things but so much of my childhood is blank.

    That magazine sure looks interesting so it would have been torture not to read least you held out for a few days. :)

  6. It was hard, like going through withdrawals, but I did it! And it help me to refocus with my computer time and internet surfing.


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