Saturday, September 26, 2009

Found Art

Many of you may know about the concept of found art but for those who do not you basically pull out a picture from a detailed background. Sometimes you may see an eye or the shape of a shoulder or some body part. Sorry that I forgot to take any before pictures. I keep messing with her, not sure I like her yet but the process is sure fun.

While I was camping in the evenings I dragged out the art materials and finished a few pages. Here are the results. In this one I played with lettering sizes.

I had a bag of scraps and collage items with me. Why this pic of me was in the bunch I am not sure but I liked it.

This one of Mona has been collaged for a long time. It seemed to be missing something. Sometimes I find that I tend to worry about a page looking just right and I need to just let go. Maybe all it needed was some journaling.

I haven't drawn a face in some time. I like how she turned out. My faces are so much better when I have a reference photo. This time it was from a magazine. I think I am going to try an paint her.

I'll have some more art to show tomorrow and a travelogue later in the week.

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  1. beautiful artwork, kate! love the colors in your mona piece!


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