Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Bear Paw Bay Fire

When I was in Teton National Park the first few days the Bear Paw Bay fire was far off in the distance. The last 2 days we were there it was getting closer. The colors in the smoke were really fascinating. By the way this fire was started by lightning.

Here are some of the pictures I took of the fire.

The look of the fire changed by the hour. We could actually see the flames several time but alas I have no pictures of that.

Its been raining here all day and that weather is headed into the parks. Hopefully it will put out the fire. It was interesting to see all the colors of the smoke, it really had a beauty about it. It is interesting that something that is so destructive is also beautiful and renewing.


  1. You got some really incredible photos. Your last sentence is so true....I'm fascinated by fire but it's also terrifying. I love nothing better than a fire in the fireplace or a good campfire but fire can so easily turn into something devastating. I hope the rain helps put out this one.

  2. Nature is just so awesome, isn't it ? Beautiful awesome and scary awesome sometimes too.
    Beautifully captured, Kate !

  3. I remember once when I was a little girl a field near my grandmother's house caught fire. The following spring, the grass and flowers that grew back were more beautiful than any I'd ever seen! Fire destroys, but it also fertilizes and makes way for growth. Sorta poetic isn't it?


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