Thursday, September 10, 2009

Journal Jar

I have been struggling for some time to get back to art journaling. I'd sit at my desk and look at the pages and nothing would come to me. It has been very frustrating. Yesterday I made a journal jar out of one of the canisters I had bought previously. I went to the site they recommended and printed out 150 journal prompts, cut them into little pieces and then put them in the jar. That should help for ideas.

Then I discovered it wasn't the ideas, something else was holding me back and I think it was me. It wasn't till this afternoon when I said to myself, this is getting ridiculous so I went downstairs to my studio, put on some music, put my painting apron on as sort of a symbolic gesture that now I was going to make art. First I had to clean the studio but then I set down to do these pages and two more that are not finished yet. It was one productive afternoon. All I could do is smile in the realization that my Muse was back.

I showed this before but now that the journaling is added it feels finished.

I couldn't figure what else to add to this one, but when I decided to journal all over the background paper it seemed right to me.

I built this around the idea of what was in the pocket. Can you guess? There is a hint on the page.

Just a crow wanting to come out of hiding.

I had painted the little squares a long time ago. I decided to just add collaged papers. There is journaling underneath the vellum sheet which is the last paper.

In this one I had painted the background previously and I hated it. With the choice of collage elements and journaling I think it looks great now. I like how that happens so I try to never give up on a page.


  1. I'm sitting here staring at my art journal(that I haven't worked on in weeks)..haha. You did GOOD created! Love the crow stamp! So glad you are feeling better!

  2. Wow! You're really on a roll now! All these pages are just great. I love that first one with the wolf....gorgeous!


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