Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A touch of grey

I pulled out my moleskine and tried out the Pitt Artist Pens Manga set. I did the scroll watching Pam Carriker's video. I think I got the idea down but just need more practice at it.

Then I tried the face and it was so much harder. I started with the lightest grey for the whites of the eyes and I think next time I will just leave them the color of the paper. I am so used to pencil and being able to blend it with my fingers. I am not really sure how to do that with markers. Practice makes perfect they say. I am sure this is not the first time I will used these.

I am amazed what Pam did with them in the Art Journaling Autumn issue. I know she also used the grey's in Neocolor II water color crayons too so I may try that also.

Learning something new is sometimes scary and you usually don't get it just the way you want the first time, but it is definetly worth the journey.

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  1. I bought a charcoal pencil yesterday - can't wait to have fun with that...


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