Friday, September 11, 2009

Books That Changed My Life

My friend Lorraine did this project earlier this summer. I was taken by it so yesterday I managed to do it. It was a lot of fun. I took a clipboard, ruffed it up with sandpaper and painted it with mod podge and just added paper. I also covered the back. Now I have one beautiful clipboard. This was a really fun project to do. Thanks for the idea Lorraine

This morning I did this page and it just doesn't photograph well. I tried writing with black pen and then white but I didn't like the way either one of them looked. I may need to redo the page by printing out the words and gluing them down. The prompt for this page is Books that have changed my life. These are just a few of the books that have had an impact on my life. There are so many more.

A Course in Miracles
Seat of the Soul
The Shell Seekers
Lord of the Rings
The Creative License
If you want to write
Writing down the bones
Wreck this Journal
The Power of Intention
12 secrets of highly creative women
Taking Flight
37 days
Dance of the Dissident daughter
The Artist Way

What would your list look like?


  1. This is interesting. From your list I would also agree with Wreck this Journal and Taking Flight (which I am reading at the moment and frankly quite blown away by). WTJ reawakened my creativity in a way I could never imagine. It taught me to 'just do it' and sharing the experience with a bunch of lovely ladies made it all the more special.

    I also have waiting in the wings the Artist Way, which I'll get round to later in the year. I started it but I have too much other stuff going on at the moment to do it justice.

    I read the Shell Seekers years ago and remember enjoying it but not much else about it! I've never read Lord of the Rings (I know! Bad girl!), I have seen the films though and played the online game way too much - does that count?

    Haven't read the rest, but they sound like they might be worth adding to the wish list!

  2. What! I can't believe that Lord of the Rings wasn't listed first . . . .

  3. KateAnn, These books are in no particular order.

  4. What great ideas, Kate - both the clipboard and the book list (I like the page you did for that, btw). At least a few of your books would be on my list: Writing Down the Bones, Creative License, The Power of Intention (love Wayne Dyer), The Artist's Way. Yep, those would be on my 'impact list,' for sure. Some others on mine, would be: Inspiration Sandwich, How to Be an Explorer, Steering By Starlight, and You Can Heal Your Life. Probably a bunch more. Now I'm going to go think about that idea, for awhile. Thanks! xo

  5. There are several on your list that would appear on my list too, and a couple from Tinker's. I think I have books from all of my different stages of life that helped me change into the being I am would be a long list ! Love your playing, Kate ! Hope this weekend has time for you to do some more of that good stuff !

  6. Great kist! I will have t owrite one the top I say A New Earth and THe Wealthy Spirit..oh and THe Artists Way


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