Monday, September 28, 2009

The Joy Diet - Nothing

This past week the Joy Diet group focused on doing nothing for 15 minutes a day. I had it easy this week. I have spent the week camping in the Tetons. It was easy to be able to do nothing every day. It is also pretty much a part of my usual routine so I had no difficulty. That is not to say that I didn't have my mind wandering all over the place I think that is just part of the process. I like to have time to meditate daily but sometimes I don’t get to it. I just don't take the time.

This week was a reminder how important that is for me. The other thing is I like how Martha gives you options for the process, like being in motion. I so appreciate that she doesn't say you have to do it this way or nothing. A transition is so helpful.

One of things Jamie asked us to do was to make little vision cards for the week. I really didn’t have the materials to do a Joy card while I was out here. This is the one I made when I got home.

This is also the one I made on doing nothing…… I toyed with the idea of just a blank card but then I decided visuals were important. Visions of beautiful surroundings are important when I do nothing and I thought a time piece was very important. To make my cards I took an 8.5 x 11 piece of cardstock and cut in half. It is a small size to work with and I think it works well. These could be done on any size but I do like the small size as you could carry it with you as a reminder for the day.


  1. I love the title for your vision card...find instant calm!!! Spending the first week of this book while camping in the Tetons was incredible chance to be at one with nothing. Just thinking about that every day should help you to recapture 15 minutes of nothing!

    Looking forward to moving through truth with you this week.

  2. Love the vision card, funny I toyed with the idea of a blank page for nothing too. But like you I decided I would like to have the visual reminder. Thanks for sharing your week of nothing.

  3. Hi Kate! I love the "Joy" board. The woman jumping makes me smile. I think she is the embodiment of joy. xxoo KateAnn

  4. love your vision boards. so beautiful. so much joy can come from nothing. looking forward to the truth ;)

  5. Love the joy card - I like the size to - easy to make and easy to keep around where you need to see it !
    I am working on getting caught up and joining the Joy Diet adventure - things have been really really full since I returned from Squam. It feels great but also a little overwhelming. Lots of energy and movement and my main challenge is to keep some focus !
    Off to meditation tonight - that kind of nothingness is soooo good ! At least I know I will have that one full hour of nothingness time per week.
    Here's to doing nothing whenever possible !;)

  6. Dear Kate,

    It is amazing what the acceptance of stillness can achieve.

    I am happy that you have engaged in this path, it is most important in acknowledging life; our breath and our inner truths.

    Kind Wishes


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