Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some new classes

I signed up for some new classes today that you may find really interesting. First the lovely Mystele at Little Glimpses Studio is teaching her Gut Art class. Its all about painting authentically and to your own style and looks to be awesome. You can sign up here. If you haven't been to her blog I recommend it. She has wonderful videos. She does this technique where she pulls an image out of a painted background. Be sure to watch that video it is really fascinating.

Next I found this class through Nina Bagleys blog Ornamental. The Poetic Eye Point and shoot Journaling with LK LUdwig who wrote True Vision and many other books. It is all about using your own photos in your journals. Most of mine just languish on my hard drive so I am excited to be able to do more with them. You can sign up here

My October is going to be busy since I will be adding those to the the Artists Way and the Joy Diet with Jamie Ridler, which start tomorrow. Well all the work will get me prepared for Nanowrimo coming up in November. Sign ups for this year begin October 1st. Maybe this is the year you write that novel. I encourage you to come join the fun. This will be my fourth year. By now it doesn't seem like November if I am not writing along with thousands of other people from all around the world. If you have any questions about the National Novel Writing Month please email me.


  1. So many cool classes - so little time! I'm just doing a couple of little ones for now. Amy Ahler's Women Masters Series of phone calls on Thursdays (SARK is on the line-up again - but not until sometime in October - and Marianne Williamson too). And Jamie's Visionboard teleclass on Monday. I'm still thinking about NanoWriMo for this year, but haven't decided yet...
    Looks like you have a lot of fun things on your plate - enjoy!

  2. hi!!! i know you from youtube!!! thank you for signing up for GUT ART! looking forward to getting to know you better.

  3. I can't believe it is NANOWRIMO again!

  4. Cool Kate...You sure are busy.
    I'm doing Joy Diet and TAW also...
    Hope you love those classes.

  5. Hi Kate,

    I'm looking forward to doing the Joy Diet with you. :)


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