Monday, September 28, 2009

Week 5 A sense of Possibility

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I am a bit behind in my Artist Way postings since I was out of town for a week. So its time to play catch up.

This week is all about possibility. I have been doing the morning pages every day and took an Artist date in a used furniture store of all places. They even had collage materials there. I saw a very old journal but it was really expensive so I had to pass. This showed me that artist renewal can really happen anywhere. I enjoyed looking at the styles of furniture and so forth. A fun artist date.

Julia is always asking us to do lists so I thought I would share a couple from this week.

I try most things so my list of things to try if it weren’t too crazy are very out there.

1. Mt. climbing
2. Get in my car one day and spontaneously take a trip. I’d call my husband to let him know where I was and just let him take care of house and animals and so forth. Not sure where I would go but I think that it would be fun.
3. Decide to just go visit one of my blogging buddies that live far away.
4. Plan a trip to England
5. Really work on writing and submit something.

My list of forbidden joys, or things to do for yourself that you for some reason you don’t.

1. Buy more lingerie
2. Go to the ocean
3. Dye my hair in 7 different colors
4. Take a life drawing class
5. Buy a pair of fashion boots
6. Give myself permission to create with abandon
7. Buy myself some expensive wine
8. Buy a fancy cut of meat or exotic cheese etc
9. Buy some really expensive chocolate
10. Go visit my sister in Michigan

Make a list of Wishes
1. I wish I were on the Oregon coast
2. I wish that I had a beach house on a beach with warm water
3. I wish I could go to Ireland for a month
4. I wish I could go see some plays on Broadway or in London
5. I wish I could go to Squam next year
6. I wish I could go to Hawaii or the Caribbean
7. I wish I could get the momentum going on my book
8. I wish I could go to an Art retreat in Italy
9. I wish I could take a Goddess tour to Greece and Crete
10. I wish I had all my bills paid off
11. I wish I could find some local art friends’
12. I wish I could decorate and remodel my house
13. I wish I had plenty of extra spending money
14. I wish I could travel as much as I liked
15. I wish I had a macro lens for my camera
16. I wish I were in better shape
17. I wish I got more comments on my blog
18. I wish I could take a trip with Sarah when she graduated, somewhere in Europe
19. I wish I really felt that I could write fiction
20. I wish I had more wishes

After typing all these boy you can see I have the travel bug big time… There were more lists we made but I will not bore you with all of those. I did find that I put a lot of things on different lists. I guess those are the things I really want to see happen in my life.


  1. Well, allow me to grant one wish - here is a comment on your blog!! Art retreats in Italy sound real good. And, speaking of chocolate... Well, not wishing to be mean about my friends across the Atlantic but... call that Hershey's stuff chocolate? Oh my Oh my. It is truly disgusting. Even UK cooking chocolate tastes nicer. You want nice chocolate - ask the Swiss, they make pretty good stuff There, I said my piece... I'm just eating some Green & Black's organic creamy milk chocolate - deee-lic-iousssss. (smacks lips in approval)

  2. Italy! I want to go, too! Love your blog! I may all your wishes come true!

  3. wish no.17 granted! I am commenting on your blog.
    You know, I strugged with the wish list and I realized just now while reading yours is because most often, I do most of the things that I wish to do..

    I loved your Artist Date!


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