Friday, September 17, 2010

Art Date

I had an art date with my friend Jolene the other day. This piece was on her wall. I think it is an amazing reminder of who we are. She has a friend who scanned an Art Journal page of hers, had it printed on canvas and then stretched over a frame. I think the idea is awesome. I think I am going to have to paint my own Art affirmation canvas for my own studio.

All the work we did that day is in stages so I will post it at another time. She had her Aunt Ilene come over too. She was just introduced to mixed media and Art Journaling so we were giving her all sorts of ideas. I hope we didn't overwhelm her too much.

Jolene introduced me to to a new kind of charcoal that I really like. You don't sharpen the pencil what you do is tear paper off like a china marker. I can't seem to find a picture online but I got mine at Michaels. I think they are made by Generals and come in a pack with 2 pencils and a small kneaded eraser. I love how charcoal can really make images pop.

Last night I had the family help me move my Art supplies back downstairs to my studio.  It was getting to the point I had the entire table full of supplies and no room to work.  I am doing better with stairs now so I think it will be ok.  I organized it a little but I am thinking that the studio may need an overhaul. It feels so good to be back in my studio again.  Sure I could create Art upstairs but there is just something about the studio that just feels right.


  1. We are so in tune this week Kate. I bought Creative Awakenings this week. I posted the opening poem today because it was so appropriate - and just check out today's post. Mine also has a badge saying I am an Artist and my post talks a lot about having the guts to say this - for me it's about being a writer too. It really seems like there is something in the air today, so many bloggers are writing the same thing! What's going on??? We're certainly all coming out of our shells. By the way - of course you are an artist - you are the Queen of Creativity my friend!! Hugs

  2. Congrats on being back in your studio!! I'm happy for you and SO glad your recovery is going well. Thank you for visiting my blog
    and for 'following' me!

  3. Of course you are! And what a pretty way to show the world!!!!


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