Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lots of Different Creative Projects

I haven't done a Creative Every Day post in awhile so with the hodgepodge of things I have done in the last few days I thought I would group them together. If you want to see some awesome work check out what other creatives are doing at the above link.

I have been spinning. This is a silk boucle yarn I made yesterday. I had the silk singles all spun and just did the two plying steps required for a boucle.

Here is the yarn close up. I love the texture of it. Its not a color I would normally use for myself but I will come up with a use for it. It feels wonderfully soft.

In today's journal page I had layers of paint on the page but still didn't like it so I sewed to the page this spray painted background. I added the house image from a card from a friend.  The crow on top was from a tag by Violette.  We had been in a charm swap and she added the tag to her charm.  I cut the crow out and then extended the image with markers and embellished it some  more. The walkway way is to represent leaping into the unknown and I had stamped the word leap but it came out messy so I covered it with a butterfly which symbolizes change and growth to me. I had a lot of fun making this page.

Here is another portrait on watercolor paper this time.

I worked on this over the weekend I am  not sure I like the background.  I  think this one needs to sit for awhile.  I have the urge to paint over the entire things so its best if it sits for awhile. With fresh eyes I may know better what to do with it.  I found the words stand with might in the background but then when I went to print them out I printed 'stands with strength' which I think  is what she is doing.  She was found art.

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  1. I have to let a lot of my stuff sit for a while. it is always much wiser than quickly getting rid of or covering it up


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