Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wishcasting Wednesday -What do you wish for an abundance of?

You can be a maker of magic and a tender of wishes. That is what Jamie says every week and this week is no exception.

This Week she asks; What do you wish for an abundance of?   Well my first thought is money. Sorry to be so materialistic but right now it just seems like it would be wonderful to have enough to take all the classes I want, to travel if I want to not have to weigh the fact if I take this class then I am taking money away from something else. What am I willing to give up to do what I think I might want to do? Its a hard dilemma and one I struggle with. 

Then I thought oh I would like an abundance of time too! I have been mulling on how I want to spend my time now.  When you have a serious illness and its now over with you really start thinking on how you want to live your life differently. 

Now last week I started doing my Yoga DVD and I did it 6 days out of the 7 of that week.  That told me if I really commit to something I can do it.  Now by doing that I was to tired to go for a walk, but I want to be able to take walks too.  Then I really want to start meditating again and have free dance sessions at my house.  I also am doing some bit of Art everyday. Then there is the sewing I want to do and the little kimono quilt to finish and working on a novel and what happened to that creativity book I was going to write. All of that doesn't include that my house needs a major cleaning and I want to reconnect with friends and yada yada  it goes on and on

I am sure all your lives are pretty much the same. It all comes down to choices, we make choices everyday for the time we have.  Some days I feel the time just whisk on by and others it seems like I have done quite a few things on the list and I am feeling great. I don't know what the difference between any of these days is.  Do I really have more time or is my time more focused or am I putting the gremlins at bay on those happy productive days.

It seems like both of my wishes for more money and time are all about making choices and it seems like if I had these things the choices would be easier to make.  Perhaps I just need to be grateful that I have choices after all.

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  1. MUUUUAH! PShaw...sometimes an abundance of the material things are what we really need! GET'EM!
    :) As Kate lovingly wishes for herself, so too do I wish for Kate the abundance of all that will make her the SUPA-STA the world needs♥

  2. It looks like your mind raced along in a similar vein to mine when I read this prompt (so many things to choose an abundance of!) . I do find that often this wishcasting makes me take stock at what I do have though. Warmest wishes to you my friend.

  3. your money wish is the second one i've seen today and reading your post, it occurred to me that as women, we often feel apologetic about wanting money. i think it's a beautiful wish. as you wish for lots of green energy, i wish it for you also.

  4. I felt almost as if I had written this. I am always having to make those money and time choices, too, and it gets hard sometimes.

    As Kate wishes for herself, so I wish for her as well. May the money and time expand to make your choices easier! :)

  5. I, like Kim, feel as though I've written this too. There are so many exciting things to do at home, My Queen, I wish that I did have more time. Yet, I believe in my heart of hearts that we have AN ABUNDANCE of time for the things that really matter. How to hook into that and do more than believe it--but feel it--this is the challenge! xoO

  6. As you wish this for yourself, I too wish this for you.

  7. Well said. As you wish for yourself so I wish for you also.

  8. As Kate wishes for herself, so I wish for her as well. May you find yourself blessed with an abundance of time, energy, and resources.

  9. Like you, some days I have time and some days I don't seem to. I also don't know what the difference is in those days! If you figure it out, let me know!

    As Kate wishes for herself, so do I wish for her also!


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