Monday, September 27, 2010

Reflections on Eat Pray Love

I finally got around to seeing Eat Pray Love and yes I loved it. It really made me sad in some ways.  What woman doesn't want the time and money to be able to truly explore herself.  I thought here Elizabeth was in her thirties when she did this, how lucky was she.  I am so much older and I haven't had the opportunity to truly find out who I am. I couldn't help thinking just when will be my time. Most of us do not have the time or funds or guts to take a journey like this.

Then it came to me that I could find a way to do this without leaving home. I can explore pleasure, spirituality and balance right where I am.  So the first thing I am tackling is the pleasure part.  I went out and got one of these.

I had gone to the grocery store for a pastry since there are no decent bakeries in this town. They were out of almost everything but this apple turnover. I also picked up a bottle of blueberry pomegranate juice. I sat in the car eating every precious bite and enjoyed it to the fullest. There was the flaky crust and the burst of apples and then the juice was so fruity. I felt a little like Elizabeth eating all that wonderful food in Italy. The next day at the Farmers market I saw these.

I enjoyed every delicious bite, the apple was crisp and juicy and the caramel was soft and chewy. Now I decided I could really get in to this pleasurable eating... I thought I would try to eat something this way on most days for a month and see how that feels.

I have been leading myself to a deeper spirituality too. I have added yoga to my life and now attend a Spiritual book group that meets twice a month and a meditation group that meets weekly. So those are beginnings in that area.

I think that I will not focus that much on balance just yet. I need to see where the other focuses will take me. After all in her journey Elizabeth did one after another. Of course this is my journey so I can choose to do it any way I want. Since my word for the year is Bliss I truly can experience that in many forms with this experiment.

So the next time you envy someone's travel or experience realize that you truly can have your own version. If you want to travel you may not be able to go to a certain location but you can immerse yourself in the culture by reading about it, studying its art, by cooking the foods of the region, by learning the language and so much more.


  1. I loved reading this Kate - you are so right, of course we don't need to travel all around the world (though it would be nice!). I envy you your pastry. I am on the South Beach Diet - first two weeks = no carbs or sugar... It's real tough!!

  2. good for you for realizing that you can do an inner seeking just about anywhere. may I suggest Pema Chodron as a good read?

  3. I loved the book; haven't seen the movie yet. I'm glad you're indulging yourself and adding little pleasures to your every day life. We all need that.

    Since I don't fly, one of my little travel treats is Google Earth! I can visit anyplace I want, get right down on the streets and "see" everything.

  4. What a sweet beginning of your self discovery. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love this post, I am reading the book. My daughter bought it for me this summer. I want to see the movie, but I have stopped going to the movies because I can't have the popcorn any longer. So I will buy the DVD when it comes out.
    The places Elizabeth went is wonderful, but like you, I can find my own adventure within the time and places right here in the USA, and even here in Idaho. Although it would be wonderful to see other countries and eat new foods and see how others live.
    Example: Yesterday I worked in my back yard, cutting herbs and cleaning flower beds. The sky was so blue you felt as if you could touch it. And the smell of the Lavender and sage as I was prunning was magic. As I was enjoying this time the biggest spider I have ever seen decided that I had done enough to his world and came running on all 8 legges to give me his anger...I got up fast( didn't think I could move that fast any longer) and ran like hell...laughing at myself because I was scared.
    So you can have a little adventure in your own back yard. Thank you for this post!!! Hugs, Mary

  6. This is some wise thinking and reacting, Miss Kate !You know so many of us will never have the big, dramatic experiences that someone like Elizabeth had. That doesn't make our own journey towards balance any less valid or important ! It is the everyday living, moments of bliss, steps in balance that make a life, I think, not only the big moments of celebration. Brava to you for finding ways to live the present moment to its fullest. This is your precious time.
    Big Love to you, Fellow Journeywoman.

  7. What a wonderful post! Good for you, finding your own way to enjoy life and creating your own adventure! That is lovely!
    And that caramel apple looks delish!


  8. Kate, I love your post. I liked Eat, Pray, Love too. Read the book a couple of years ago and then saw the movie. Ahhhhh! Good for you for constructing your own way to enjoy pleasure!! Can't wait to see what happens when you "go" to Bali!!


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