Sunday, September 26, 2010

Magical Housekeeping

I have been reading this book. Its all about de-cluttering and feng shui and using scents, blessings and much more for your home.  I found out about it at a monthly healing circle that I go to. It is a fun read and the author sounds like she would be great to meet. The group here is doing a Skype event with her next month.  I think that will be really fun to take part in.

I also have had Sarah shows me some things on my computer programs.  I now have the cd covers loaded into iTunes for all my music.  That was so satisfying to have done.  Its great having a computer wiz in the family.

Then I realized over the last few weeks what I have been doing is de-cluttering my computer. I had cleaned up my download files and my documents.  Then bloglines is closing so I moved everything to NetNewsWire which I like even better. Then I changed my email address to gmail which is so much better that yahoo was.  Its a lot of work but oh I love the new results.  Plus iTunes is all fixed, I got rid of a lot of duplicate files and its all pretty now.  I have also unsubscribed to a lot of newsletters that I just never read.  Try de-cluttering your computer it makes your life easier in the long run.

I started a new journal, I know its insane I have 4 different ones going now. When I was at my friend Jolene's she was working in an old book. I hadn't tried that so I went to the thrift store and found a a book called B.F."s Daughter written in 1940. I thought that will do. I glue 3 pages together to make it thicker paper and gesso before I began to play. First I painted the border and then used oil pastels on the background which then I covered with collage.  When I was editing the photo is photoshop elements I thought I'd play a little

Look how the collage looks in aqua.

Or perhaps blue....

Or even purple.  I think it would be interesting to print out these different pages and reuse on other pages.  That is what I love about art journaling, ideas can come out of anything.


  1. The book looks interesting and I'm adding it to my read list. As for de-cluttering, that seems to be all I do lately! And I clear out my computer on a fairly regular basis but I probably still need to do more.

    LOVE the art journal page and all the different colorations. And that's a good idea about printing them out and using them in other art.

    PS - you probably already know I like the purple one!!

  2. you've been so busy. and I'm loving the art journal pages!!!
    I believe that good organization is a key component to bringing good health into the home. so good for you! cheers to your health my dear!

  3. When I saw the title to your post, I was SO excited that there was such a thing as "Magical Housekeeping". I was hoping it was something that would happen while I was at Michaels and then would return to find my house had been cleaned. Dang! It does look like an interesting book. I love your old book. It is very cool. I can't even decide which color I like best. They would be great printed and used on other things. You're just amazing!

  4. Thank you for the book suggestion - this sounds like just what I need right now!! I've been working in altered books alot too lately and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!! The only problem I've had is they get really thick - if not too late, you may want to think about tearing some pages out; otherwise, you can probably just add a string tie or something to hold it all together as it expands.

    Happy Journaling Kate!!!

  5. It sounds like a great book!

    Thanks for the heads up on Bloglines closing...I haven't checked my account in a while so I've now exported all my Bloglines subscriptions.

    Your journal pages look GREAT!


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