Saturday, September 4, 2010

Puzzle mania

Yesterday I noticed on Alisa Burke's blog a fun project. I think she has the best tutorials.  She painted over a puzzle and it looked like so much fun. So often I want to try things I see and I wait so long to take the initiate.  This time I decided I would do it right away.  I didn't have a real puzzle but one of those small ones you are supposed to write a letter on and then break apart and send it.

Here is my puzzle, its pretty small but still fun to do. I covered it in gesso and then a few colors of Liquitex fluid acrylic paint.   One hint is when you first paint it you make sure that you can take the puzzle apart.  I painted mine and had a spot that looked like it could be a problem so I took the puzzle apart to dry. I put it back together and with a Pitt artist pen I drew flowers on it. Next came brush markers to bring out the flower colors and some white gel pen for accents.

This is the puzzle taken apart, I think the pieces look pretty cool.

A close up shows how each individual piece looks like its own piece of art. This was really a fun project.


  1. I saw this on Alisa's blog and thought it was so cool. Yours turned out great! I don't have any small puzzles around here but I might have to get one and try this.

  2. Your puzzle turned out lovely. Oh... maybe we could organize a painted puzzle swap of some sort!

  3. This is great!! Each little piece of art is part of the bigger picture...Love it! They could be made into pendants or other kinds of jewelry.

  4. This is pretty cool! :) I love it.

  5. Very cool one !!! It looks great, Kate.
    Brava to you for just going for it when the going was good. ;)
    I hope your Labor Dayu is deliciously labor-less !


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