Sunday, September 12, 2010

Painting on Coasters

My sister Peggy sent me these paints beacuse she didn't want them anymore, lucky me. Some of them are half gone but the majority are not. What a gift. They are called radiant pearls and have a shimmer transparent look about them.

My faces journey continues with some small paintings on coasters. I started these when we were camping and finished them up at home.

This was a coaster that I covered with scrapboook paper.  I added some stamping with Tim Holtz distress ink in walnut an broken china.  I also covered the edge in ink too.  Then I painted the lady on top of the paper.

In this one I painted a background first and then added the girl and the birdhouse next.  I think the bird should be facing the other direction but he had a mind of his own.

This is another coaster covered with some scrapbook papers, then the face was painted on,

This is a coaster painted with black gesso first, then the face was painted. Then the background was painted and I stamped on top it to give it a look of texture. This face was a real challenge but I think she is my favorite so far.

This is a page in my journal, a work in progress. I was trying to do a different view and really had problems with the nose. I may work on it some more. For me the nose is the hardest thing to paint. If there was an online class on painting the nose I think I would be the first to sign up.


  1. Lovely paintings. I like the one on black gesso the best too.

  2. Hi Kate....Hope you are feeling much better. Your faces are cool. They all look like you!

  3. Love your faces. You will have to help me be brave enough to paint more of them.

  4. I love your ladies, you have developed a distinctive style, My Queen! Very beautiful and glad that you are able to create again. Be well, O

  5. You have quite the collection of juicy paints there, my Queeny friend ! I remember when you hit the jackpot with all those Goldens too...
    Love the faces. That you are doing differeny expression and face positions is so good and brave of you - stretching those painting wings. My fav is the last one - love that slight haughtiness...
    Happy Monday ! I hope you are feeling stronger each day...


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