Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Heart of Art

I just found out about this new class offered by Tam at Willowing and Artist Friends  I first found Tam with her early videos long before Ning was even around. She is a talented artist and has a wonderful art group. She is offering this class free. There are so many classes out there and many can not afford any of them. I applaud her for taking her time to give to the mixed media art community.

Over at her ning site there is a video on the class and information on signing up. It starts October 18th and will go for four weeks.  Come on over and join in the fun. I have signed up and would love to have all my friends come over and play.


  1. Thanks for sharing this Kate. I'm heading over there now for a look.

  2. Enjoy the class am sure you will and will meet new people too. ;-)

  3. I saw this last night. I love Tam ! I think I will play along too. I am missing my paint brushes so much with working at the mall store for the month. This will give me the incentive to pick them up even if I cam tired...
    Hugs to you and see you in class.;)

  4. I just found her a few weeks ago and have signed up for her class. She is very talented from what I see. I can't wait! Thanks for sharing this!


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