Saturday, September 18, 2010

Baby Wolf Learns to Howl

My friend Carrie showed this on facebook this morning and it is so cute.  I couldn't find a way to embed it so you'll have to follow the link.

When I went to the Farmers Market this morning there was a man with a Timber Wolf.  I knew right away this was no dog.  It was grey, had a beautiful coat and the they way it looked at you you could tell it was was not a dog.  The eyes were so different, its feet were much bigger than a dogs and it had such a long body too.

Dave and I talked to the guy and I he had said they start training them at 3 weeks before they bond with their wolf nature.  I got to pet the wolf and although the coat seems like it would be rough it was incredibly soft. The next time I see a wolf in the wild I will remember the look and feel of this one.  What a fantastic moment. 

In hindsight I wish I would of asked the guy if I could get some wolf fiber to spin.  I am sure he has to brush the wolf when he is shedding. Their coats have a down layer which would be wonderful to spin. Oh well maybe I will run into him again.

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