Saturday, September 18, 2010

Art Journal Playground - 21 Secrets

Have you heard about this class. Its just about to start and it sounds like an Art Journalers Dream. Go here to find out more about it and to sign up of course. Its put on by Connie of Dirty Footprints Studio and she invited twenty other people to take part. 

She is giving away 2 spots in the class which is why I am posting today. I would have talked about it anyways because I always like to share the good things I find online.

I have wanted to take Connie's class BIG but it has just never fit in my schedule with my surgery and recovery time. She is one of the lovely talented ladies who will be teaching. So I would love to learn from her.  I also can't wait to see what my friends Lis Hofmann and iHanna offer in their videos. These are two other awesome ladies I have met on line and love their work. It will be great to learn more form them. But get this there are eighteen other people teaching in the class. I am sure it will perfectly awesome.  There is the well known Samantha Kira, Dawn Sokol, Sarah Whitmire and so many more artists. This class sounds so awesome, check it out here


  1. I hope you can join use for 21 Secrets, Kate! :)

  2. Hey - good luck with the contest! I'm so excited to see each of the workshops. Hope to see you there!!

  3. I know you will shine in this class!!!!! Sounds terrificly fun.


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