Tuesday, September 21, 2010

GPP Street Team #44 In a Scrape

I decided to play along with Michelle Ward and company and get out the credit card but this time no charges apply. I use scraping tools in my work quite often so this was an easy challenge for me. I use credit cards, putty knifes, palette knives, cardboard or anything that is lying around in my studio.    I forgot to take pictures in progress of the steps so it mostly finished pages.

On this page I scraped on paint and then added stamping. It was so bright I wasn't sure how to make a page ouit of it so I just drew my hand on top and added some words.

This page I had scraped on paint and then tried to scrape over a mask but I kept having disasters so I  just painted over it again. I used stencils and stamps after that. I had this silhouette all cut on and colored with stamp ink.  She seemed to want to be part of the page too.

This next one I remembered to take a pic of first.  I scraped paint and then put a circle of paint over the sections and then scraped that paint into the piece.  I like this technique because after I scraped you could still see the circles.  I got this idea from a quilt I saw recently.  It had all these rectangles of different sizes with circles appliqued over them.  It was a stunning piece and an idea I want to pursue on paper.

After I found these images I just highlighted the circles with charcoal and made some additional ones for words I added.

This piece was done at my friend Jolene's house and its a combination of using my intention word for September from Creative Awakenings: Envisioning the Life of Your Dreams Through Art   and scraping.  I had all sort of colors underneath but did like what I had so I just put gesso  over the whole piece. Then I juist statred adding all sorts of fun stuff to the page.

This is a tag that Jolene made me. When we first met I had given her some supplies from my stash. She incorporated the embossed wallpaper into this tag along with some metal work. The words follow your heart are added which was so appropriate for me. Since my surgery I have been wearing a necklace that I bought in Montana this summer. Its a heart with the words Follow your heart ingraved in it. I wear it to remind to do just what it says. This tag hangs proudly in my studio where I can see its message.

To see what other GPP team members are doing go here   Or better yet maybe this is the month you  choose to participate.


  1. Kate - lots of scraped pages, hooray! Great color mixes! Loving the texture too. Thanks for sharing with the team!

  2. Great colours! I had problems with the masks too...
    That tag sure is lovely. Lucky you to be its new owner!

  3. Love all the pages, scrappings, paint, stamps, etc that brings it all together!

  4. Beautiful works of art, you've experimented a lot, with good results. I especially love the first one and the 'fearless' one, gorgeous !

  5. Oh what beautiful colors. Great job on all of your scraped experiments.

  6. What fun pages! My favorite is the first page, love the hand. I like too that you played with such different variations on the technique. Nice job! -Kim

  7. Love your colors and the circle idea is a really cool one....will have to explore that myself.
    Great job!

  8. I love those harlequin-type diamonds on the hand page! Super cool. Happy creations from germany, tj

  9. I love all of your pages, but the first is my favourite!

  10. Great pages, I love the fearless one.

  11. Really pretty color mixes. I like them.


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