Friday, December 6, 2013

Kickin It Old Skool - First Blog Post

Jamie and Shannon want us to share our first blog post.  Whoa that took some doing and this isn't the first post because I don't remember where that first blog was. I just remember it was frustrating because I didn't want to pay extra to post pictures.  I blogged on the tripod platform for 2 years then moved to blogger. When I started I was working in a call center fixing people's printers.  I wasn't even doing art, just weaving and spinning.  I started because I wanted to share projects I was doing with friends in other states. The blog was called Meanderings. I moved it to blogger in 2006 and changed the name to The Queen of Creativity on July 4, 2009. Its hard to believe I have been blogging ten years.

Tuesday, 16 November 2004
Mood:  happy
Topic: Weaving
Well I finally found a blog where I can post pictures so here goes. 
I am making a blanket for my daughter for christmas. Its all handspun yarns. The warp looks quite pretty. Plans are to weave with grey weft.

Just finished a tri-loom shawl and out another one on the loom.. I am using some green homespun by Lion brand. It will be quite pretty its a nice shade.

Here is a pic of the blanket


  1. I was just looking though all the titles of what you offer, you've come a long way! Most of us don't worry about being able to post pictures anymore :) The Web is such a visual place compared to what it was initially.

  2. And now I wish I could see that blanket of handspun yarns from 9 years ago!

  3. Isn't it incredible how the time flies! Very cool getting to see a glimpse of your blogging journey's beginnings.

  4. thanks for sharing ... so interesting to find others who have been blogging as long as I have.


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