Saturday, December 14, 2013

New Journals And A Surprise

I ordered the larger size Venzia Journal after seeing it at Dirty Footprint Studio.  Then I signed up for Connie's class on painting the Feminine so I was saving it for that class that starts in January. At Michaels I found the smaller size so I grabbed it right away. This sketchbook is just lovely. I didn't have that much time for art this week so I would go in my art room and just pet the paper, anxiously awaiting some time with it.

My first page in my new Venzia Fabriano Journal.  I used watercolor for the background and then I drew doodles over the top and added WC crayons on top. The paper buckled a little at the amount of water I was adding but I just took my iron to it and wala its back to normal.

My friend Amy called and told me she had something I was looking for.  She runs a charity thrift store and I always tell her what I am looking for.  Sooner or later it seems to show up.  Now what could be in this little case.

Well not the vintage typewriter I would like but it will do.  It was made in the 60's, and even came with some old paper and a manual.  There are a couple cover letters and a resume in the case too. Always makes me wonder about the previous owner.  I found out that I can get old ribbons online so I am all set.  No I don't plan to write a novel on it. I plan to use it to type up collaged words for my mixed media work.

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  1. Love the old typewriter idea ! But I have so much stuff around here ! No space for anything else ! I do appreciate my "Mom's Typewriter" font that looks a lot like the real thing.
    Enjoy your new toys !


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