Sunday, December 8, 2013

Kickin It Old Skool - Where I blog

Jamie and Shannon asks to see where we are all blogging from.  When I looked at my room I gasped.  Oh not here, I am in production sewing mode and the place is a disaster. My office and sewing area are in the same room. I re-gouped a little, straightened up my desk. Then I had to figure how to use the timer on my camera.  At least I know how now. Just be thankful that I did not show you the other side of the room.


  1. My blogging/writing areas often look like disasters too. I like being surrounded by "stuff". I think it fuels the creative juices... And I think your space looks just fine!

  2. I so love creative "messes" - I love all of your colorful sticky notes - what a great place to be inspired!


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