Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kickin It Old Skool Blog-A-Thon - Free Association

Todays Prompt for the blog-a-thon is Word association.  Jamie and Shannon have given us five words to expand upon.

River -  I have always lived near a river or had a river close by. Growing up in Michigan I had the Detroit River, then the Grand River in Lansing, and the Sturgeon River in Houghton Michigan. The Fox River when I lived in Appleton, Wisconsin,  the Ogden river in Utah and the Snake River in Idaho. This is a peek to the Snake River.

    Fresh - something new of course, food comes to mind immediately, I think fresh fruit, you know the kind where you bite into it and the juices comes dripping down your chin. Fresh peaches are a favorite of mine.

      Escape - Let's get out of town, that is my perfect escape.  Sometimes to familiar places and other times to places unknown.  I love to travel.

        Moment  - A moment in time is such a special thing.  So often we forget to appreciate those moments while we have them. I so enjoyed this moment where I got to hold a hummingbird after it had been banded. You could feel her little heart just pounding away.  She only stayed there for a few seconds before flying off.

          Night - I am a night person vs a morning person. There are times when I do get up early to enjoy the sights and sounds of my world. I do treasure those times but I am most productive at night. My ideal world is get up with the sun and have a siesta in the afternoon and then up till 2 am creating the wonders of my world.


          1. What a wonderful experience with the hummingbird! And I look forward to the day when it's possible for us all to create our own perfect-fit schedules. Won't that be great?


          I love and appreciate receiving your comments.