Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Kickin it Old Skool Day 4 - Weather

Today Jamie and Shannon's prompt for the blog-a-thon  is the weather and so appropriate for my life today. We have 2-3 inches of snow on the ground and the temp is 0 out. We lost power at 5am. I thought I would just get up and go take a shower at the workout club we belong to.  But the car is in the garage and the doors are run by electricity. So yes I am stuck at home.  It doesn't happen often but its interesting when you can not do what you have planned to. We have a wood stove so we got a fire going. Sooner or later hunger hits.  We got our camping coffeepot out and Dave made coffee on the stove, I wanted some hot chocolate so I heated up some water too. You can see both of the pots in the picture.  Later I warmed up some banana bread in a small frying pan.  The surface on top of the stove is made to cook on so we took advantage of that.

I spent part of the time reading a book and part addressing Christmas cards. It felt very homey and relaxing too.  It amazing how many things I wanted to do that required electricity. Here is a short list. I won't mention how many times I turned on a light switch.

1. Internet
2. Cooking
3. Sewing some xmas gifts
4. TV
5. Phone was almost out of power. With no land line and my husband phone on low power too I started to feel a little isolated

The power came back on at noon, but I was so into what I was doing that I just continued doing it instead of jumping back into the world. It became a nice respite as soon as I let go of my plans and made the best of the situation. It was quite the gift actually. How did your day go?


  1. I love the stove! I agree that sometimes it is nice to "unplug". And especially when you are not given a choice, it is best to find the peace and joy it can bring. :-)

  2. I'm so glad you got your power back! And thank goodness for that wood stove. It really served you well. it's fascinating how experiences like that really throw into relief how you spend your time!

    Enjoy having your heat and power back!

  3. I love your stove!!!

  4. this reminds me of spending time at our electricity, just time in nature, a wood stove, lots of books to read, games to play, time with's was wonderful! We had an old woodstove that we cooked eggs, toast, etc, directly on top of... :)

  5. What a way to turn a negative around, be flexible and even enjoy your hot chocolate and banana bread! Glad you got your power back before too long, though.

  6. Sometimes we need a reminder that life can exist without the internet. Sounds like you had a cozy time. A wood stove would have been a godsend for sure.
    Thanks for your lovely comments. I lost my dad 41 years ago, but my Mom's death really shook my foundation. Just getting back on track now 5 years later.

  7. Love that you got to share your respite from the world with us -- after the internet came back, of course :)


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